The Wildflower Core Values guide how and why we founded our events company. They are also what we strive to achieve for you on your wedding day: peace of mind, authenticity and connection. We are fuelled by our desire to create a beautiful blissful experience for the two of you, your family and friends.


Peace of Mind

We can’t think of a better gift we could possibly give you on your big day, and every day leading up to it. Peace of mind means feeling happy, calm, and safe.

That doesn’t mean that your wedding won’t come with its own set of challenges, but that is why you hired us. Reducing the likelihood of day-of challenges is our job. Putting out the occasional fire is our job. Our clear and timely planning schedule, communication plan, and solid relationships with venues and vendors are what allow us to provide you with peace of mind so you can enjoy your day.


Your wedding day tells your unique love story. Your wedding day starts a fresh and exciting chapter in your lives together. Now that is something to celebrate and honour!

Every wedding we plan is one-of-a-kind and representative of the couple. The planning process is a collaborative one. You may have a specific vision and know exactly what you want for your wedding, and we won’t be as involved in the planning. But we will still be responsible for coordinating and executing those plans and making your vision come to life. Or you may not know what you want or need and will lean heavily on us for guidance and expertise to plan your day. You may be interested in what etiquette says about a certain action or topic, or you might want to throw etiquette out the window and blaze your own trail. No matter what direction you take or what input you need, we are here to help you tell your story.


Humans are hardwired to need and long for love, understanding, belonging and acceptance. Connection is the reason you’re getting married. Connection is the reason you’ve invited your nearest and dearest to witness your love and celebrate with you.

It is important that the planners at Wildflower Wedding Co. mesh well with our couples, which is why we always meet with the bride and groom to ensure we’re a good fit to plan and coordinate your event. The same is true of our relationship with the other venues and vendors involved in your Wedding, which is why we work hard to build strong working relationships with others in the Wedding Industry.